Hard disk trashing after instalation


I recently installed the newest version of Commodo on a laptop running vista previously I had no problems but since I installed comodo the disk is constantly trashing weather in idle or in use. Is this because of defence+ my computer is well within the specs so I dont think thats a problem.


It is logging which can be disabled. You must have a lot of incoming connections.

Thats better cheers I do have a lot of incoming connections as im connected to a campus network and it blocks more than one connection every second its blocked over 115000 in a couple of hours!!

That does seem od to me also I have another problem reagrding zones when I plugge the laptop into my home network it allowed me to set up my home zone but on the campus network it dosent offer me to set it up as a zone (wouldnt mind setting it up as one so I can block everything but msn / im traffic.