Hard/cold reboot on update

Dear Sir or Madam

The only software that forces my system to perform a cold or hard reboot when updating is Comodo Internet Security. The last several updates did not cause a cold reboot when the windows had to be restarted after a CIS program update. But right after the COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102363.531 Release this cold reboot happened again.

What do I mean by cold reboot? After the usual shut down procedure the computer acts as though I turned it off with the power switch or used the reset button. Only on my old system if one does this the system is locked until I short out (reset) the bios and setup the Bios again.

Is there an advantage to a cold reboot for security reasons. I can force a cold reboot by setting the reset flag in the ROM BIOS to. If I should not be suffering cold reboots please let me know.

Thank you

Do you mean with cold reboot abruptly shutting down Windows giving it no time to properly close down?

Do you get a notification by Windows it was not shut down properly once you boot again?

Do you have CIS installed on both your old and newer system?