Happy New Year!

Hey there :slight_smile:

I wish Melih, the entire Comodo staff and all of us here in the Comodo forums a Happy New Year!

Don’t party too intensive and don’t forget to watch dinner for one :smiley:

Valentin N

Happy New Year Melih and Comodo Staff! :-TU (V)

Happy New Year! (:KWL)
Couple of hours left till drunken feast starts :■■■■

Happy new year from all at Comodo to all that we protect and love!


Happy New Years :slight_smile:

Hope everyone accomplishes their new year resolutions :smiley:


Well, seeing how my last ones totally failed, I don’t have much hopes.

I have a will of jello.

Well, Hopefully your not the lemon jello, but if your the green kind i think you’ll have a chance… if you have enough motivation and self pride :smiley: You’ll accomplish alot my friend! Just have to put mind aside and do what you want to do…


Happy New Year to all Comodo enthusiasts. (not fanboys of course lol)


One I the things I want to do is learn more programming languages…didn’t you once design/build a Linux OS? :slight_smile:

The best I’ve done is a Hello World program and some mathematical thingies. :-\

Yeah; Its not great, and never finished it ; To much work FYI especially for 1 person :smiley:

What type of programming languages do you want to learn?

(PM Me for this is Off topic!)


Happy new year to everybody and everyone wherever you are!


Happy New Year everyone. May 2011 bring you all happiness, good fortune and most of all good health. Have a fun year to you all.

Happy New Year everybody… 2011 is 1:39 old here…

Happy and Clean New Year! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, it’s official where I live. Happy New Year all! :smiley:

Happy New Year all and let hope we all get a job, and I’m still out of work :-\