Happy Chappy


I just did a auto update to version 4.1 and all went extremely well. Then tried leak test suite and got 340/340 with sandbox disabled and 330/340 with it enabled. Don’t know what happened but now that I have a perfect score I am a very happy chappy. Great work once again and congrats to Melih and the team.

Would any of the devs like extra info about my system, as it may help understand why with version 4 the best score I could get was 220 and now with the update its perfect. Please let me know if you do.

thanks again for a great product.

shadha :slight_smile:

And I just tried something else. I enabled sandbox and ticked “Automatically detect installers/updaters …” and got a perfect score 340/340.
shadha :slight_smile:


Do you know where can I find the latest CIS v1.4 PDF user manual guide so I can learn about sandoxes options while I have just the firewall with D+.


Hi SpeedyPC

Sorry I don’t but I have seen a number of posts where the other guys have given some explanations on how sandbox works. Me personally, I still don’t understand completely how sandbox works. Guess I’m just a bit thick. Mind you I just turned 50 so that could explain a lot.
shadha :slight_smile:

Hey SpeedyPC,

AFAIK, there is no PDF of the help file. If you check your ■■■ you may get a little surprise, though. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks again Panic I’ve send you a return reply in your PM box :wink: ;D