Handling Intrusion attempts

I’m getting alot of intrusion attempts as of right now, and a couple of times earlier this past week.

Recently upgraded to 3.8. So I’m quite sure it’s how I have something configured. It’s always the same 2 ports, I’m certain it’s a loop of some sort, but I’d love to be able to find out what exactly it is.

I wonder what tools anyone out there uses to figure Intrusions out. The one’s I use, like Proc explorer and the usual basic stuff can’t help me this time, might be better tools you know of.

Thanks in advance.

If all your ports are in stealth mode, you should be safe from “them”.
Have you done a stealth test at Steve Gibson’s “Shields Up” site?



Yea I love that Gibson guy, and I alway’s pass his test. I think it’s cause of my router though.

I solved my problem. As I suspected it had to do with my setting of the settings. I had messed with several firewall rules and had blocked some ports on purpose, like you could do with your 1030, and since my memory is bad, I couldn’t recall everything I had done.

I’d tell you how to do it, but I’m not entirely sure I’d be correct. You can experiment and create a rule here…

Firewall tab.
Advanced button
Network Security Policy

then choose the Global Rules tab.

From there you can see you can do what you want with whatever port you want. Just write it down somewhere what you did, so you can remember to undo it if you have some probs.

Good luck.