Hak5 on sandboxing with CIS and Sandboxie

Just a challenge/demo on using 2 different free sandbox applications, CIS v4 RC and sandboxie, pretty interesting it starts at about the 10 minute mark. Overall they gave praise to Comodo.

That test contradicts what I expect from Sandboxie (not a Sandboxie user). As far as I know about Sandboxie it is said to do a very thorough job isolating malware from the OS.

Can anybody comment on this test?

I was using sandboxie for about 5 months and as you said in 32 bit os sandboxie do a exellent job isolation malware from the system. I really don’t enjoy this test, fro them even if the malware was virtualized they don’t like it. after they finish testing with sandboxie if they cleanup the sandbox the system would be clean. One more time this test was mediocre.

That was a terrible test. Sandboxie is AWESOME!

I cannot believe what I have just seen.

He needs to RTFM.



I’m glad CIS4 got a good review though, but I feel sorry for the Sanboxie Dev’s. I would be going crazy after seeing that if I were them. :frowning:

I share the same opinion if he would do a test in the 2 sandbox products at least he should know how these to different programs work.

This is quite embarassing quite frankly. Obviously they don’t know how Sandboxie works and it appears they were surfing unsandboxed at one point with IE 6 (note how there are no hash symbols on later shots of IE).

There is no known bypass for Sandboxie, period. The majority of bypasses in the past were simply about users not knowing how Sandboxie works, or using it wrongly.

This is mis-information at its worst.

The only worthwhile thing about that ‘review’ was the cute girl at the beginning,the rest was awful. :wink:

I agree fullheartedly… they surely made the show… :smiley:

:o BYE-BYE… :o :-TDPLAY IN THE SANDBOX… BOYS… COMODO SUCKS THE BIG ONE… O0 :stuck_out_tongue: :P0l :P0l !ot! 8) :)http://``


Please see https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/another-comodo-eula-controversy-t52052.0.html;msg378464#msg378464


Hahahahaha nice one panic.

didn’t he move the files from the sandbox to the real file system ?

they ran a unsandboxed ie6 as a control

He stated that Sandboxie gives a easy control to recover files from the sandbox to the system but I think that he don’t said that he recover the files from there to the real system.

Why do a review if you obviously do not know what you are talking about. I really agree with ssj100, this was really, really embarassing! (:SHY)

I wonder if the Sandboxie devs have seen this and if so, what their thoughts are. XD THough, their thoughts may need to be run through censors to make them kid-safe. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s just the one developer mate. I don’t think Tzuk would care too much though. It appears only above average computer users make use of Sandboxie anyway, and they won’t be influenced by this embarassing review.

Actually great point of view ssj100.

Guys, please read this and tell me what you think about it:


Anything is possible, but it would be silly to make it that obvious.

Maybe someone trying to stir.
We have plenty of those here :smiley:

To previous post, I was also happy to pay a small amount for the registed version.


If that post was indeed by the real Ilya it’s a pretty shabby piece of work IMO.That ‘review’ should be shown up for the rubbish it is,especially by experts,even if they’re rivals.