Had to uninstall CTM due to space , now my PC is in limbo

I installed CTM , and it ran well , did what i expected it to do , until it used up all the space on my hard drive with snapshots.
I deleted a few , and kept the baseline , but it was telling me I had very little space left after deleting the snapshots. I opened up " my computer" and rightclicked the C drive , and properties was telling me i had 44GB still left on the C drive.
I decided to uninstall CTM cos it obviously wasn’t working 100%. It asked if i wanted to restart…i said no and later shut down the PC for the night.
A few days later , on starting up the pc , the CTM screen comes on with the progress bar. It updates something , then uninstalls very quickly , but gets stuck on the next screen which says

updating data 2% ( with progrress bar beneath this )
disk 1\1 …60mb/m…7904 / 8092 (mb)

but it just sits there at 2% , and because it boots straight into this , I cant access anything to fix it.

I’ve invested considerable time into downloading many kinds of free " recovery disk" type programs and burning them to disc , but it seems every problem i have renders my " preparations " as useless and irrelevant. I cant even access safe mode !!

Please can someone help me get CTM off my computer . I have a lot of work related data on my c drive that i can not access until this is fixed.

Thank you

Hi, FreeRadical. I think this thread could be helpful to you : https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/fully-uninstalling-comodo-time-machine-t73829.0.html

Just read Tazzy’s post and onward.

Thanks for your reply James , but this doesn’t actually help me at all.
I tried the " 3 finger salutes " out of desperation but all it did was make it reboot and get to where it was stuck…again.

I don’t meaan to sound cheeky , but surely you or someone else knows something that actually works ? cos that ctrl alt del thing is the equivalent of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best .

I’m halfway through recording an album , and i fear my main data will be lost . I have it all duplicated on external disks , but most of what is installed is installed on the c drive.


Hi, FreeRadical. If “three-finger-salutes” don’t work, the Only way to get the system back to working condition is to rebuild the MBR. There is no other magic potion ! (That’s why I consistently emphasizing on backing up vital files/data to other media regularly)

If CTM version 2.8 (the last released version) was installed, rebuilding the MBR would get your system back to baseline (the state immediately before CTM’s installation). Do read more related threads on the forum and good luck !

with all due respect , how can i rebuild the mbr if I cant stop my pc from booting straight into CTM ?
There are no options to cancel.
I cant even get into safe mode

When it was “sitting” there at 2%, did you let it finish?

When it is displaying this, CTM is applying the baseline shapshot as the final part of the uninstallation. You have to let this complete.

Ewen :slight_smile:

no i didn’t cos it sat at 2% for at the very least , 30 minutes and i knew it had froze

Depending on what has changed, this process can take over 30 minutes to complete.

I had it running for maybe an hour and it didnt move from 2% in all that time.

I don’t want to run it at all now. Can someone please show me how to remove it and gain access to my system again ?

Windows installation disc - repair options - command line - “bootrec /fixmbr” (without quotation marks) - enter - restart.

FreeRadical, be observant when you read… I’ve sticked it here for you to see…