Had enough & deleted comodo firewall

Have used comodo firewall for some time now. I liked V2 easy to use and not too many popups.

I upgraded to V3 took a bit longer to setup maybe too much for less technical users?

Lately though its been driving me around the bend. I keep getting popup alerts for all my programs
that should already be in the allow list.

Example say i update AVG8 antivirus. How many times must i allow the newly updated files before it allows full access??

I have tried just clicking allow, setting as trusted app, yet another box appears for the same file.

Sorry but its become too much hassle to use.

sorry to see you had problems :frowning:

Did you try to set it to: Treat as an installer option?


Good security most often comes with a price. :slight_smile: Though I don’t know if that was a bug, user misunderstanding, or what. :-\

Lol, that’s happened to me as well, since I have AVG Anti-Virus Free.

But I don’t mind that much because Comodo Firewall has much better security than ZoneAlarm, which was the firewall I used to use. :wink:

It’s just my opinion, mind you, but I think we all need to be skeptical of such as the thread-starter here who signs-up just to make one negative posting; who cites as his reason for not liking the product the very sort of thing that one sees certain others complain about in various security forums around the 'net; and who disappears as quickly as he appeared, unavailable for follow-up.

Comodo has many enemies. Its free CIS product is as powerful as (in some cases, more so than) those not-free products of some of its competitors. And if Comodo’s head honcho makes good on his promise to remedy by mid- to late-2009 whatever Comodo either lacks or doesn’t do as well as most others…

…then I have to believe that there are a lot of executives sweating at the companies which make CIS-like products for which they charge big dollars.

it is such as they, and their supporters, who are disparaging CIS in some of the Internet’s various security forums… and one of their chief complaints is CIS’s pop-ups. There’s a whole heuristics vs. HIPS argument going on in those places… and those who believe that heuristics (at which Comodo could, frankly, be better) should rule the day are seriously down on Comodo’s HIPS methods and all of their concomitant pop-ups.

I share at least some of that sentiment. Comodo does, indeed, need improvement in that area. The pop-ups can be maddening… though there are ways to reduce the annoyance without sacrificing security.

It’s just a guess, but the thread-starter, I suspect, is quite likely someone connected with one of Comodo’s competitor companies whose executives are sweating free CIS’s impact on its fee-based product line.

Really appreciate the support HarpGuy. We hope we can live up to the trust you have placed on us and deliver you a world beating product in AV. Amazing progress is being made in our AV depts and you will be able to see it for yourself.

As to popups: ver 3.9 will undoubtably be the most silent HIPS in the market, period! (yep will be more than happy for people to run side by side tests comparing the security we offer vs usability). Of course we won’t stop there and v4 has even more usability and security features that will us even further at the top.

The amazing community driven commercial development environment we created is working unbeliavable efficiently!

Thank you to everyone for their support and keep it coming!


If you’d like to use Comodo firewall and some other antivirus

i’d suggest you to use Avira AntiVir Personal. you’ll get a great protection ever - Best free firewall comodo [ even paid firewalls failed in firewall leak and other tests and they dont have good protection like comodo ] and one of the best free antivirus : Avira AntiVir Personal.

Sounds like CIS (Comodo Internet Security) is too much Security for you to handle. It is a very powerful tool, if you know anything about configurations.

Like other users state you can set it up with no warnings in your settings or Learn Mode. But you are not really protecting your computer as well as you could.

Better than not having any AV at all.

CIS v3.8 is not bloated like other products. It doesn’t slow me down and I’m using XP Pro SP3 w/AMD 2500XP single core processor. It is very fast still.

If you try other programs as I have you will miss Comodo. It really makes a difference when you know what your doing.

If you are going to take the responsibility to use a computer you need to be responsible enough to learn how to protect it, that means learn how to configure your software… ie Comodo.

I started off trying to use just the COMODO firewall with AVG and he’s right. All I found myself doing was clicking OK every time AVG did something in the background. I was determined however, to give COMODO a fair trial so I uninstalled AVG and installed the entire CIS suite. So far I’m pretty happy and will undoubtedly stay with CIS (MAY try Avira as an addition).

Yes, there is a learning curve involved with CIS that’s steeper than those involved in AVG and ZoneAlarm which were my choices before winding up with a couple of VISTA machines (ZoneAlarm won’t even function with my version of VISTA and makes the computers go completely nuts when I try to install it) and I have a ton of questions I’ll be asking in other areas of these forums if I’m unable to resolve them myself but I’ll take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all you folks are doing.

I too suspect an ulterior motive for the OP…

Had the same with Avast’s updating - just set it to Updater and it’s OK.

Had to do the same with Spybot as a new installation of that sets several thousand items in the Registry - try clicking through that lot!

I subscribe to TrustFax yearly, its WONDERFUL, but darn it, the firewall is just too darn confusing for me. I just don’t get it. I HATE all the darn reading required just to get the darn thing to work, and I’ve had it for years. I don’t know why I keep it.

Seriously, the admin keeps asking for help and promotion of products. I would like to make a STRONG suggestion, GO VIDEO!!! Your asking people to sit down after a busy day and learn your programs by reading boring and confusing technical stuff when it would be so easy to just play a video, and you can save bandwidth by putting it on Youtube. I and just about everyone I know HATE manuals, inlcuding Commodo!

Now, I have a trustfax question. Is there a way to send a fax and NOT have my 800 number shown or revealed? I have yet to recieve one spam fax and don’t want to start now.
Also, is there a TrustFax forum? I could not find it.