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Does anyone know if comodo stop hackers, they broken into my house and steal al my codes and passwords,its possible they modify my cp insert a program or something.Does anyone have tips to stop them!!
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greetings Daan from The netherlands. (:AGY)

Comodo stops Hackers, but it can’t stop anyone using your codes. You’d better chance them yourself

Wait, they broke into your house? :o Broke windows, doors and other stuff and then stole your passworrds? Or did they hack into your pc and steal sensitive data?

Please replay,
It should be "Please reply" not "Please replay" Anyway, you should use and configure Defense + , it'll help a lot (CIS)

We call this Backdoor or RAT (remote administrator tools)
Cracker can connect to you and to take full control on your compute.WIll gain access to every point of your compute.
So… Dont take any files from insecure person/site/even game.
You can check who is connecting to you with the command:
Netstat (type it in CMD)

Or check the firewall log and you can block the IP who connect to you…

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There is also a dutch board here
If that’s easier.


Think there would steal the p.c. to sell on than dump code on it,