HackerProof or HackerGuardian?

  1. What is the difference between HackerProof and HackerGuardian?
    I know Hackerproof has a TrustMark, SiteInspector, etc.

But, whats the difference or similarities between the scan each one of them make?
HackerGuardian its only about PCI Compliance scan.
So HackerGuardian, in terms of scan and detecting vulnerabilites, its the same as HackerProof?

  1. Even if someone doesnt have E-Commerce, but wants to scan vulnerabilites in servers, is it possible to use HackerProof or HackerGuardian.

I want to know if this service its applicable for servers as themselves even if they host only databases or mail, and not online stores or any e-commerce (which one you would recommend in this case, HackerGuardian or HackerProof?).

Thank you.

Any COMODO sales representative who is interested to make a sale can answer my question?

Or maybe Melih?

Thank you! ;D

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