Hackerproof (https) shows warning message.

We want to install Hackerproof on our webpage and NOT on corner.

Therefore we follow the code from:

And it’s displaying correcting on our webpage. However, when it gets to the shopping cart (https://) section, it will have a warning message of

Security Information

This page contains both secure and nonsecure items
Do you want to display the nonsecure items?
If you go to this URL, you can see the problem.

And we don’t want our customers to have to go through this during checkout. So we were wondering if anyone can help us on it.


hmm…i can ask my friend he may know what to do…

You should be able to use this wizard to get the right code. It automatically detects if it should use HTTP or HTTPS

So… I will exlain what is this.
Ok, if i decide, i can connect to comodo login page and to start to sniffing packets.
Will analyse the data and everyone who connect here i will be able to analyse the data and to steal his (username/passwords).