HackerGuardian Scan Report: Not Enough Information

Yesterday I purchased the $79 HackerGuardian. It scanned my web site, which failed the tests. However, the scan report doesn’t tell me what the problem was or how to fix it. How helpful is that?

How do I find more information? Like, what exactly failed and how do I fix it so it won’t fail?

Any help appreciated. I’ve submitted a ticket but got no response.

Here is the report:

Audit started : 2007-09-20 08:13:29
Audit finished : 2007-09-20 10:20:53
Audit time : 02:07:24
Total devices scanned : 0
Security Holes found (High Risk) : 5
Security Warnings found (Medium Risk) : 39
Security Notifications found (Low Risk) : 51

In order to gain HackerGuardian Certification you must patch 2 security items.

List of devices scanned :

Sorry this is a bug. We know about it and it should be fixed by next week. It just affects the first report that is generated. If you look at your second daily scan report it should contain the full detailed report and all the information.

OK no problem. Waiting another day isn’t going to hurt me.

Thanks for the reply.

My support ticket is still unanswered.


Support have replied to your ticket with exactly the same information.

Glad you got the message over to them. (:CLP)