HackerGuardian Daily Scan and Certify & shared server?

Just wondering what type of vulnerabilities the HackerGuardian Scan looks for. If you run your site hosted on a shared server, would that scan show up vulnerabilities on that server run by the webhost or vulnerabilities re the scripting of the site. If it is the latter, then of course these issues should be tackled immediately but if the shared server can be compromised, then it would be a matter for the host to take action. What is the experience with such hosts if you start testing your site with HackerGuardian - any comments?

The HackerGuardian Scan looks for a wide variety of vulnerabilities that can be detected remotely. A scan on a shared server hosting your web site would find vulnerabilities on the server run by the webhost. Depending on the configuration of the scan, vulnerabilities in web applications on the web site may also be detected.
Hosting companies usually have the required skills and motivation to fix any vulnerabilities found promptly.

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