hacker proof logo

i have a few problems with the hacker proof logo for one it only displays in Internet explorer and not in mozila how do you fix this nother they have put my personal name on my credentials so when somebody clicks on the hacker proof logo my name appears along with my website

hi Avengermx

can you pm me your site details pls so that i can get our guys to have a look


Your HackerProof trust mark is published to 50% of your site visitors based on how A/B works. During your trial 50% of your visitors will see the HP trust mark and 50% will not based on unique IP visiting your site. This allows you to test the value of publishing the trust mark on your site. If you want to see it from Firefox, you might want to try clearing your cookies a few times. Otherwise access from another address. As for your name apearing in your credentials, just log in to your account at comodo.com and you can edit your information for publication. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to assist.