Hacker intervention

Dear everyone,

No sooner had I launched the internet than an interactive warning dialogue box from CIS appeared, telling me of the detection of a new private network (see attachment). But, being all alone in my apartment and sharing with no one else of the internet, I’m quite sure that it came from the hacker.

Not knowing what to do, I chose at random “Do not automatically detect the new networks” and was immediately no more accessible to the internet.

Any experts who would like to give me a hand, pls.?

Thanks a lot.


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Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. This usually occurs when your PC cannot connect to a DHCP server to obtain an IP Address.

In this situation a process called Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing (APIPA) kicks in an issues an address from the range through Because CIS has not seen an address from this range before, it believes it’s connected to a new network.

You can disable this under the Miscellaneous\General tab.

Thank you for your guidance, Quill. But sorry to say I failed to find “General tab” under “Miscellaneous”. Could you pls. tell me it’s under which sub-category?

Thanks again.




Untick the box for ‘Automatically detect new private networks’

I’ve got it. Thanks a lot, Quill.


That means,if there any additional networks in the systems can’t be identified.it seems we can enable /disable new networks every time.