Hacker Guardian Seal up for changes?

I recently bought the Hacker Guardian service that scans you server for openings. My issue is the one and only Hacker Guardian logo is too big to put in some places on your web page. Also the date is not viewable without having to click or point at the seal. Which I think is one more step for a potential customer to do at the point of sale. Any thought of adding these updates to your services?

Put the date on the seal itself of the last scan.

Make available different size logos for the Hacker Guardian.

Please let me know, thanks.


Thank you for the feedback. Very valuable indeed.

We will get this actioned to see how we can resolve these issues.
your feedback is greatly appreciated so pls keep them coming.

Would you let me know if and when either of these changes will go into effect?

1)small logos are already commisioned. Actually the logo designer has already posted some logos in this forum and asked for help from users to choose which one they like, you can help us choose as well :slight_smile:

2)displaying time etc, developers are looking into it. It won’t be a quick fix though.