Hacker Guardian Logo Options

I replaced someone else’s scan service (V)

My question is: could we get a more dynamic trust logo that shows maybe the last scan date under the logo? That is the one feature the other guy had that we miss.


Mike - we’ve modified the HG offer in that it no longer includes a dynamic logo. We have a new offer www.comodo.com/hackerproof that uses the daily scanning service and serves a dynamic logo with your credentials. The service is geared for sites conducting transactions so I’m not sure if this may be a fit for you. Please have a look and let me know.

Wish I had know about this when we purchased Hacker Guardian. Is it part of the reseller program?

We are adding it to our reseller program within the next week. We’re just finalizing the provisioning process for resellers. In the meantime, I’ll have one of our account managers get in touch with you with pricing and additional details. Thanks for the interest.


I’ll wait and we’ll take a look!