Hi, last night my PC rebooted without warning and seemed to do a BIOS update. After looking in the windows I discovered that the reboot I saw an event for LPSLauncher, followed by a GeekBuddy event and then a reboot caused due to an MSI file running which said it was “configuring GeekBuddy”. I installed Comodo a few months back but have never attempted to use GeekBuddy. The fact that the PC seemed to do a BIOS update when rebooting (which I did not request) does concern me that someone has been able to use GeekBuddy to install some malware on the PC, is this likely?

Hi Golf, welcome and thank you for your post and using COMODO,

just so that you know, you were not being ignored nor was your questions, it’s just not enough information supplied by you to help comodo help you,
here’s a comment from a COMODO mod, regarding your question :

look at the time Amigo 88) this guy already hacked I think ;D ;D :smiley:

Yeah probably , Just not by COMODO, and his post was being discussed somewhere else because he never followed up on it

great points made by the Mods on his question :

from Kail, PS "seemed to do BIOS update when rebooting"? I can probably see why that wasn't answered. That's not how BIOS updates work.. at all.


Please notice Golf only made one post. :wink: He may have moved on. :-\