Hacked PC

Hi I am here without any knowledge of coding, having serious problem, My computer is hacked, All my searches and files are read, also computer is controlled by. in my little knowledge I know that some services allow hacker to install malware in computer could you tell me how to find out that hacked or compromised Service , so that I can block it. if you need further information I will provide whatever possible from me

Format the drive and reinstall the OS !

When I installed my OS (Windows 10) and all the apps on the c drive I made a backup of the drive with Clonezilla.
In case I get hacked I restore the backup and that saves me from installing the OS and all the apps again.
By the way, I backup the c drive every week.

I did format several time but they do it again an again so I think I have to block the entrance

you need to disable synchronization services like from a browser, google, phone. Otherwise you’ll just get infected over and over. No syncing until you find the source and you’ll probably have to change your passwords too clean your system and everything that interacts with it

Good luck