Guild Wars

Hello, I am an avid Guild Wars player, and now the latest CIS has totally made it impossible to play my Guild Wars, I paid over 100.00 USD for this Full Set game and CIS has rendered it totally unplayable. I submitted the GW.EXE file to comodo and spent the last 30 minutes trying to Kill off the Directory to reinstall, only being able to remove it in safe mode. Upon trying to reinstall it, CIS comes up from a CD/DVD install from ArenaNet and says the GW.TMP is a Virus!!! What the heck is this?? I did not adjust anything in the CIS, just left as default. This is just purely unacceptable for a 100.00 set of CD / DVD game is trashed for what reason. Surely ArenaNet is not spreading Virus or Trojuns. If I have to use a Different AV Firewall then I just might, but I NEED THIS FIXED this MINUTE, I paid a lot of Money for this game and Comodo Internet Security is NOT letting me play it because it CLAIMS ArenaNet is sending a Virus to me.

HELLO, Tila Brisof

You need to add an Exclusion in COMODO Antivirus settings:

Open CIS-> Antivirus->Scanner Settings-> goto Exclusions tab, press ADD button and add directory/file or any other process .

Hope this will help you.

Or set the heuristics scanning of the AV on disabled while installing. It is most likely a false positive from heuristics. What exactly did the AV pop up say? Check under Anti Virus → View Anti Virus events.

It was installed, then Comodo decided after the 3.9 update that my Game was a virus and when that happened it scared me. I have been attacked in the past, so decided to let it quarantine, so removed the game, and all directories, and tried to reinstall it. Then it comes up and says the GW.TMP file from ArenaNet is infected with something. Well that can’t be right, I have redone all my system for a clean virus free system, and this is just not right. As for turning it off, about all I can do is say it is safe all the time, then if it does get infected then I won’t be safe. There has to be one or the other, not a middle ground. Maybe contact NCSoft and see what they are doing, then include that into the next update and then maybe I can play my game again, or should I just try to sell my account and forget playing it? I really don’t like that last option, and don’t really wish to do that. Some one needs to fix the NCSoft issue, or there is a serious problem and its not one I will like or wish to do. But remove any and ALL Anti Virus and Trojun ware malware removers from my system, just to play Guild Wars.

I seriously think both alerts are a false positive on Cmodo’s end. When you want to be totally sure it is a false positive you can submit gw.exe and GW.TMP using the How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them procedure. When you made a topic as described you will get an answer within one or two days. The FP guys are usually very prompt. The procedure is the only way you will get feedback whether the file was ruled FP or not.

Like you said you are absolutely sure GW can be trusted then I suggest to install with the AV engine temporarily disabled and put the complete folder of Guild Wars part ib My Own Safe Files (can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks).

Maybe so, but then what if, and I really mean what if, I get an attack, and it gets to GW.EXE and so on, yet Comodo is set for trusting it. Wouldn’t this also cause the Virus to spread since the GW.EXE is safe according to Comodo’s rules? I sent my GW.EXE for submission, and as of yet has not gotten any responses back from comodo. I am unable to even install now since Comodo 3.9. So with 100.00 of Software sitting on a shelf I am supposed to be happy about this?

The only way to get a response is to start a topic and submit it as described in How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them. This is the only way you will get a response. The FP guys are very prompt. They even have a sticky topic in which you can post when you didn’t get an answer in two days.

Another way of getting an indication of whether or not a file is safe or not is to submit it to Virus Total and see what 30 scanners think of it.

I am pretty convinced the two files may be just false positives. Best way to go for a quick answer is to submit as described and get an answer within two days.

Keep us posted.