GUI window rendering bug[M2330]

1: CIS version:
2: OS version:
Win7 pro SP1 x64
3: What you did:
Click on ‘Reset the Container’ button in widget.
4: What you actually saw:
Black window is moving to desktop center, then rendering info.
5: What you expected to happen or see:
Correct window rendering w/o any artifacts.
6: If possible attach a screenshot illustrating the GUI problem
It’s reproduce time to time only, not 100%. Maybe during system idle status. Couldn’t catch it by screen grabber and I recorded video by smartphone.

Hi Xeno,

We are not able to reproduce your issue. It may be due to the Dual Graphics card issue.

To confirm that please share your msinfo32 file by searching msinfo32 in Run command window and save as msninfo32.nfo and send us back through Private Message.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

It may be due to the Dual Graphics card issue.
Is this an universal excuse? >:-D I hadn't such GUI problems with 8.4 version on the same system.

Yep it happens with all themes at least when there is some cpu load. Honestly many if not all gui bugs would be fixed if comodo would update the render engine framework like they are using with CCAV.

Bug is not fixed.

Just to note, it is not limited to using reset sandbox task. It happens with view connections, unblock applications, and task manager.

Bug is not fixed.

Not fixed in b6476

Not fixed in

Not fixed in - BETA/.

Not fixed in

Should be fixed in