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Post your Windows Version and Incompatible software version.

I also have the reversed IP issue in WinXP x64.

However I have not had an issue with retaining rules on a reboot.

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If you uninstall your video drivers (to update them), and reboot… a CFP DLL will fail on next boot and will exit the firewall.

Once you install your new drivers and reboot, CFP recovers.

I think the dll was cfpres.dll?? can’t remember

I got a bug related to this one. I posted on the 32 bit gui section.

Some bug like this was reported by Dennis2

XP x64 SP2 :

  • As i check the traffic report from comodo GUI the system hangs on
  • If i click to partial insvisible firewall the option is not applied
  • Some shutdown problems, but i think since it’s beta it’s fine
  • With games that not ask internet connection on start ( see UT2004, Tribes 3 and so on ), i need to manually alt+tab and add the executable to the list of trusted applications. Note this happens more on unreal engines games.
  • With my widcomm bluethoot stack Defense+ sometimes crash explorer.exe making impossible to open folders.

That’s all i found for now.

My Config is : x2 4600 939, k8n-pro SLI gigabyte, 2gb G.skill ram, galaxy 7800gt, Raid 1 WD 250gb, enermax 650W, Xp x64 SP2

Hope it helps.

CFP BETA is now available for download!

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