gui redesign and sub app access

1. What actually happened or you saw:
unable to control windows10 apps or any svchost apps easily, or even at all.
getting a lot of app issues with scans at an adequate level for safety (try netflix for example, or asus wifi access point control, which refuses to reconnect through the firewall if the computer enters a sleep state, with an svchost filter for that app it connects ok, but its a nightmare to find the app and figure out the settings required).
to bypass this and restore functionality i tried adding the individual metro apps. as they use coded folders and filenames this only works temporarily (they change with each update), and is a real pain to accomplish given the current system folder permissions. to work longterm an asterisk is required within the path. i dont feel that is safe.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
id like to see metro and svchost(\ sub apps) apps appear alongside normal apps within the comodo interface, for comodo to work alongside microsoft and use the app store, and verified files within it to make comodo aware of updated files and security risks. the metro apps use svchost a lot of the time, and comodo does not grant usable details on these items except in the log file, and the log file is not linked to any other part of the comodo interface.

to cover a wider topic ;D, it would be highly useful to be able to have a per app settings page that is not split inside the interface, for example right clicking to obtain an apps details in any section of cis (or left clicking on alert links) would open an apps details page within comodo, it could allow tabs or similar for firewall, hips, and all other aspects of that individual app that comodo affects, including subnames, related/linked apps, possible temp files and locations, and more detailed logs. the user interface ATM requires much switching back and forth to correctly configure an app, and requires many repeated searches and actions.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
it would add required security to what must and will be, a large part of your market. it would add a much more pleasant and feature rich interface for both new and experienced users. ATM the interface is really not user friendly, I’ve used comodo for many years now and the latest layout is …pretty. but very awkward, slow and highly unintuitive. a simple killswitch style layout with the details options and normal menu items or tabbed interface would be fine.

4. Any other information:
don’t allow the windows 8 version to be installed on win10 with no warnings, nobody new knows to look in the forums for the correct version and will assume the links and downloads offered in the main pages are usable and correct. i made that mistake while a little sleepy, and i knew about the hidden forum page for win10. its just not the correct way to host files, especially security related ones. with the wrong version installed, comodo reports it is working and secure. while in reality it is totally disabled and has opened the system to attack by disabling certain windows components. :-\

Most of us do not like to have much “activity” for configuring a software.

I support the idea of being able to tell apart which service in svchost.exe, or which module in dllhost/taskhostw/wudfhost is trying to access the internet. (Using a custom ruleset as suggested in another thread)

I saw this feature in an eset trial and liked how the product was able to treat each module separately instead of a binary ‘allow or block’ choice. It was a set and forget after that.