GUI problem in "About" * SOLVED *

There is missing something, like the “OK” button…

My system:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit
  • 4GB Geil Black Dragon 1066mhz
  • Intel Q9450 2.66ghz Quad Core
  • XFX 9800GTX
  • Asus P5Q SE PLUS Motherboard

This seems to happen every once in a while (also see this thread). Restarting CIS or the computer should fix it.

This screenshot was taken right after my computer was restarted…

Did you reboot after that GUI bug? What I mean is that after rebooting, the GUI should be back to normal, titlebars and all.

This has happened to me, too, but it got fixed by itself. A weird bug, indeed.

If rebooting doesn’t help, I think a uninstall/reinstall is in order.

You don’t need to reboot to fix this. Simply go to Misc. → Manage My Configurations → Select → Comodo Proactive Security (or another one).
Now you can go back to your previous configuration following the same steps.

Miscellaneous > Settings > Themes (> COMODO Style Default Normal) > OK. :slight_smile:

Thanks… That did the job…

Thanks guys…