GUI Freezes and +Defense Glitches


I installed v3.0 and I well a little perplexed because I found some glitches and flaws, as in other topic someone complaint about the GUI, it consumes a lot of RAM and sometimes freezes, at Startup it does not load appears 2 dialog boxes telling that it won’t load an *.ico, don’t remember wich one is because I didn’t pay much attention but refers to the interface and the next dialog box refers to a cfpres.dll. But I found a workaround. Click the icon to open the program go to Miscellaneous->Diagnostics and the problem is solved

The other thing it’s that +Defense set at Clean PC slows performance and takes a long to resume functionality. As a IT I work programming applications in VB 2005 and when I try to pit the source code and the dll’s and exe’s it appears a lot of pop ups telling me that it can’t add the non executables files in My Own Safe Files, so I had to decrease the +Defense to the Training Mode, ahhh and related to My Pending Files I got the same problem the non executables can’t be moved to My Own Safe Files, well I supposed that the programs behaves well but …