guard32.dll seems to be causing Firefox 34.0 to crash

I am having problems with Firefox. Their support department examined my crash reports and advised me that guard32.dll is identified as per the image attached. Please advise.

Did these crashes also happen in earlier (before v34.0) versions of Firefox?

Your screenshot shows that the Netscape Plugin : “Shockwave Flash” (32-bit) from Adobe, version (npswf32_15_0_0_246.dll) was loaded…
…do these crashes also happen whenever the Flash plugin is not loaded?

Many people use Firefox with 1, maybe 2, or maximum 3 tabs, placed within 1 window.
Other people use a lot of tabs, maybe up to 15 - 25, either placed within just a few windows (1-4),
or - like I do - placed with only 1 tab per window, so it will become 15 - 25 separate windows.
Do the crashes usually occur only whenever you have many tabs opened (placed in either a few - or many - windows)?

I have tried to reply twice this morning and each time my screen blanks out and says I posted less than 60 seconds ago and erases my reply.
This is ■■■■! CIS is a problem, CIS forum is a problem. I think I need to get rid of my problems.

I have disabled CIS, installed another anti-virus and firewall and will monitor Firefox for the next few days. Note: After making these changes, I rebooted and noticed Windows starts a lot faster than before.

Sorry, CIS. I pulled the plug on you. Too many unsolved problems.