guard32.dll+GameGuard=Access Denied (xp x86 4.1.150349.920)

Pangya USA
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1.start the game (windows mode)
2.Change to fullsrceen (In Game)
3.Popup “nvcpl (nvidia driver)” Access Denied

1.start the game, GameGuard is running this time, start other software, but some module access denied

yeah, the access is denied (it happaned to me with MU online). you can choose to disable D+ and GameGuard wil run without errors (or put in My Own Fave Files). the nvidia driver error is because of the GameGuard. you can start it before you load the game and it will work without errors. if you have google product, Googleupdate.exe will report about errors while you play the game because GameGuard does not allow it to access to the memory.

Please try this fix here and report back, as it will help diagnose the bug.

Best wishes