Guard32.dll and problems with java.exe

OS is Windows XP Home sp3
Version of Commodo Firewall Pro -

Was having a problem installing the latest java runtime (1.6.0_06). Installation would get to the ‘Applying java patches’ and freeze. Java.exe was using 100% cpu according to process explorer. After killing java.exe, the installation completed.

I then opened OpenOffice 2.4, clicked on ‘Tools’ >> ‘Options’ and selected the Java option. My system immediately froze. Opened process explorer and found java.exe using 100% cpu. After killing java.exe my system returned to normal. Opened java.exe using cmd prompt and low and behold, java.exe again was using 100% cpu.

Ran every debug program one could think of and after hours of studying the results, noticed that one item was common in all the dumps - guard32.dll.

I then went into System32 and renamed guard32.dll to guard32.dll.bak. Rebooted, opened OpenOffice, clicked on ‘Tools’ >> ‘Options’, held my breath and clicked on the ‘Java’ option. No freeze-up. OO found the path to java.exe and everything working fine.

I then opened java.exe using command prompt and no more 100% cpu usage.

I did a search of this forum and didn’t see where the problem I was having with java.exe had been previously posted.

Anyone using OpenOffice 2.4 and having the latest Commodo Firewall version installed should be able to reproduce this problem with java.exe or just open java.exe using command prompt.

BTW I thought maybe the problem had to do with sp3 so I uninstalled it. Same problem after uninstall of sp3.

If your installing something put Comodo into install mode and D+ in training mode.

When I installed the java runtime I completely disconnected from the internet, shut down Comodo, shut down NOD32 and AVG Antispyware, basically shut down everything except the basics to keep Windows running. I do this procedure with any install just to be sure there are no conflicts.

Apparently the guard32.dll remains in memory even after Comodo is shutdown. By renaming the guard32.dll, it wasn’t placed in memory when I rebooted and java.exe and OpenOffice now work without problems.

Didn’t have this problem with an older version of Comodo. Seems to have happened only with the most recent and perhaps the last couple versions.

I do the same sometimes depends what I am installing the only way to shutdown CPF3 completely is to msconfig untick comodo items and reboot.

Although you disable defense+ it still will not let java install.
I have vista home premium and I have major problems with java and cpf. Comodo firewall 3 will not let me run open office neither version 2 nor beta 3.But this is only with the most update cpf, previous versions does not have that bug. The only temporary solution here is to rename guard.dll to guard.dll.bak. But than firewall wants to update itself and thus override that hack. I am about to switch back to vista firewall cos yours will not work with uac, java, openoffice …
Really bad thing this bug.

Are you also running CMF ?

Yes I have cmf.
But I made exeptions in cmf advanced options for all the processes conected with openoffice. It did not work for me.
That is really bad, cos comodo seems to me a trustworthy and capable program. But these bugs cause too much trouble.

Try this, download Autoruns (if not installed)
Start it and go to the tab, Appinit, disable guard32.dll and see if that helps.

It should work on the fly, i use the CMF exceptionlist only for processes going 100% cpu and never ending.
If that’s not the case i don’t think putting OpenOffice in the exceptionlist will help.

But if I disable guard32.dll, firewall will lose some of its protection? I do not want to have crippled cpf. (:SAD)
Otherwise I had major problems with st_wrapper process belonging to openoffice. As soon as I started it, it went to 50% cpu and application would not start unless I ended that process through task mng. When I renamed guard32 dll, problem disapeared. But now I have disabled uac, and renamed guard32 dll. Two important security processes.

You should not leave it disabled, this is just to test and see that the specific process in you case the st_wrapper.exe is eating one of your cpu cores (50% dualcore). Put the st_wrapper.exe in the CMF exception and try again. I have UAC active, and guard32.dll active also, and my CMF exception list is growing (:AGY)

Seeing as how I am the starter of this thread, thought I’d post an update.

Still having problems with java.exe, OO and the latest Comodo update.

I found a workaround to the problem, I renamed the guard32.dll to guard32.dll2. Went into my backups and placed an old guard32.dll in the System32 directory. Can now use OpenOffice with no problems and have defense+ operational.

Each time Comodo notifies me of an update I click on the link to see what update it is and if it is the 30 May update I refuse it’s install.

Commodo really needs to address this one.

If anyone wishes to reproduce this bug, just open cmd prompt and type java.exe and press ‘Enter’. Normally java.exe will activate for only a second and stop. With the latest update java.exe remains in Process Explorer using 99% cpu and will only go away when I manually kill it.

I can also confirm this one (cmd/java), Vista SP1 UAC, 3.0.25.x.

Thanks, Ronny, I’m glad I got some backup on this one. (:CLP)

The screenshot shows my current list:

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I finally got fed up with this issue and removed CFP. Comodo, great product, I’d like to continue using it, fix this problem with CFP and Java so I can re-install it.

Vista 64bit ultimate w/SP1 no UAC. Java and OpenOffice finally installed since CFP is now gone.

I too have this problem, or a very closely related one.

In Open Office 2.4, navigating to Options, Java, causes OO to open java.exe. (As confirmed by process explorer). Java.exe then forces CPU to 100% . Also crashes occur in general usage of OO - mainly when opening new dialogs. There are no Commodo log entries to tell you what is happening.

This happens whether Defense Plus is disabled or not, and whether you have exited from Commodo firewall or not. Also whether java.exe is exempted from every Defense+ and firewall restriction or not. Also whatever recent version of Java is used. Preventing Guard32.dll loading at boot time prevents both the 100% CPU and the OO crashes occurring.

Please could we have a fixed version of Guard32.dll urgently - or a good work around. Openoffice is in very general use, as is Java run-time.

OS is Windows XP Pro sp3
Version of Commodo Firewall Pro -

Many thanks