Thought I would try CSE with MS Outlook 2003 which I regard very poorly and I was reminded of my earlier frustrations with Comodo last year.

I’ve pretty well given up on the integrated approach where you try to get different programs to cooperate with each other.

I’m back to my earlier KISS approach of using various stand-alones depending on the use–Sophos Encryption, LockNote, dscrypt,, and the heavy guns of TrueCrypt.

I’m sure that CSE is an excellent product but I’m too thick to get it to work with any reliability and I am bothered by the lack of support.


So, it’s now the next day, Sunday, I boot up and there are 104 instances of the CSE .exe file in Task Manager & CSE is in some endless loop. Uninstalled the sorry mess & I’ve resigned myself to continue with gpg4win/T-bird/Sea Monkey which have been bulletproof & reliable.

Double Aargh.

These is no CSE.exe file, as far as I am aware, so I’m having some difficulty understanding this.

Sorry you are having difficulties, but could you explain further?

Best wishes