Great start so far...

With the fall of Crossloop. And the abrupt closing of LogMeIn Free I’m sure a lot of people are looking for a replacement. I did try one called CentraStage, which Geekstein seems to be similar to, at least with the use of drop in plugins.

So far Geekstein has been pretty useful. It’s a little clunky in the interface at first but not too hard to get used to. And it’s free, for now.

But I will say it helped me out with the one remote session I did try it on.

I had someone who had gotten their administrator account corrupted. So they were logged in under a standard user account. I was able to get them to get Geekstein installed. Remoted in and used the Shell Execute to create a new user and then make the user an administrator. Nice.

So a big thanks to Comodo for making Geekstein.