great product

A well thought out firewall. blends into IE7 without any problems. GOOD JOB (B) (:NRD)

Hi rod7973, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am glad you like CFP, but Comodo has more great free products :slight_smile: I can recommand you to try CBOClean :

Greetz, Red.


It protects you very effectively against many malware,

using little resources from your computer,

and is completely install-and-forget-sit-and-relax


i got a very important and personal question for JAPO!!! don’t you run from me before answering my question!!!

how can you make a comodo emoticon move like that? ;D




sorry guys, i’m pretty excited. ;D (mods) pls don’t ban me

ganda, I won’t, because I think you discovered a really cool thing here! ;D


rod7973, welcome and good to hear that you like the firewall. Please stay with Comodo!



Sorry I ran from you before you ever asked but I guess you don’t need me now. ;D

yeah,stay in this forum too, you’ll never see moving emoticons in other forum.

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