Great Privacy Infographics

This is a great infographics about privacy.

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I will have to disagree with the point that adding an upper-case letter to an 8 character long password would make it take 200 years to ■■■■■.

Edit: Well I was thinking of offline attacks but perhaps it’s true for online attacks since they usually only allow a few hundred tries per seconds where as if you ■■■■■ something offline you can get try billions of passwords per second.

;D Then you haven’t seen Steve Gibsons Password Haystacks GRC's | Password Haystacks: How Well Hidden is Your Needle?  

Try it - Then also try it with random padding characters for example “”"O_o-m’‘’‘e’‘‘n’‘t’i’‘o’’‘n’‘’'s-o_O—

Which of the following two passwords is stronger, more secure, and more difficult to ■■■■■?



You probably know this is a trick question, but the answer is: Despite the fact that the first password is HUGELY easier to use and more memorable, it is also the stronger of the two! In fact, since it is one character longer and contains uppercase, lowercase, a number and special characters, that first password would take an attacker approximately 95 times longer to find by searching than the second impossible-to-remember-or-type password!

Read my edit, thank you.