Great news - work resuming on next version in April, and what's more .....

Great news for users of Comodo Antispam

Work will be resuming on the next version of CAS during April, according to Junhua.

And what’s even better, I am told that Junhua has got agreement to the code being thoroughly sorted out, and the result being thoroughly tested before issue.

So we should be able to look forward to a much more stable next version.

Great stuff Junhua, well done. :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

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That is great news!!! I like AntiSpam and look forward to the next newer, and better version. Keep up the great work.

Thanks mailman, appreciate the feedback.

Would you be willing to Beta test when the next version comes out?

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Just to keep you informed…

I heard today from the devs (specifically Junhua) that good procgress is being made with the next Beta.

Which is great news. Great stuff Junhua! :-TU

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Is there any further update please?

It would be ideal if CAS could read through all mailbox folders (ticked by the user) and add all addresses to its database. Also avoid the need on POP accounts to disable keeping the storage of messages on server, since that is an excellent email backup #2 method.

Any update appreciated since I would like to cutover my email service to another provider and would prefer to have my own spam system rather than have someone else crawl though my commercial emails.

Sorry for delay. Very much involved in CIS 5.0 release and setting up new bug board.

Unfortunately not. Should be real soon now, but need to check that.

The wishlist & buglist (2.6 or 2.7) I think already contain what you are asking for, but do check and add if you feel appropriate.