Great job CIS!!

Did you see this video guys??..CIS is been able to protect the system against a very dangerous ramsonware, even disabling automatic sandbox (I don’t know how…) :-TU

Zero day simply by Comodo :-TU

yeah…this one isn’t really a zero day: most of the scan engines can detect it…BDW, CIS can protect you because of its default deny architecture


I am afraid unless you know all the details about the tests including the one quoted by the OP each test is by a unknown tester running unknown settings, also any reports of fails again unless you know the full details of how the computer was setup, both are of no use at all.

You either believe in the security software you are using to protect your computer or not.

All security software will fail at one time, unless the person sitting in the chair uses good judgment at all times.

Quote about one of the videos in the above quote topic prove that beyond a doubt.

If you want to believe in any test at all, only officially run test are suitable giving all details of how the computer was setup to run the test.