great firewall

hi all
this is my first post…just wanted to say how amazed i am at the quality of the comodo firewall…! how can this be free? i have been using norton for years and paying through the nose for it…not only is the comodo firewall easier and a much better product …its free! :BNC did i mention that ! can someone tell me how this can be…is it to good to be true… :Beer… cheers ler

Welcome to the forum ler.
You are not alone… :wink:
Seeing is believing… ;D

Go to the CEO blog section of the forum and read why its free :slight_smile:


awesome!! same here , i was using the fre version of zonealarm and it was kinda buggy using it…but man i really love this new firewall (:WIN) WOO HOO! :BNC

My first firewall was Zonealarm. Recently, I’ve accidently converted the Free Version to the Pro Version, uninstall it…later tried in re-install the free version and now my system is unable to install any of the versions of the Zonealarm.

Then I swapped to Norton Internet Sercurity. Whenever I use the LoveUpdate, it indicates that all the files are up-to-date. Even for 2 to 3 months later, the liveupdate still indicates up-to-date. And my plan is expiring soon this March 07.

Now I’ve just swap to Comodo Firewall. I’ll hope to see a better result in the next few months before I can comment on this product.

Hey Jeeys, your post made me laugh with the “Love update” typo, that is the BEST TERM. That could catch on with customers of Symantec ;D

Allot of people tend to have problems with Liveupdate, so i think they SHOULD change it to Love update!!! Symantec’s new slogan “Can’t you feel the love” ROFL.

PS. Just in case i have worded this post terribly, i am not having a go at you. I sometimes have typos but i have never made a typo into a great term. :Beer :Beer