Great disappointment with my latest purchase

Last year we have used a Comodo CS and we wished to renew it for a 3 years time. But it stayed as only a wish and more frustrating every passing day.

I have ordered a code signing certificate on 10.05.2017, not from a reseller but from Comodo web site with my online user. That day we couldn’t complete callback process and after a while callback page was not working, it displayed a message saying “closed for maintanence”. When the page is resurrected it was displaying a generic error message. I logged into management panel and couldn’t see my order which was there before in validation phase.

So as a sane person, I have created a ticket (QAT-483-45691). The support team returned with reply stating that "they have lost their database(!!!) and they will recover soon. How funny is that? A trusted party is loosing its database? Can’t find customer orders, can’t/or not willing to verify customer payments!!! What else do you loose? What else don’t you keep safe?

It has been 10 days now, and they suggest me to make a second payment for a second order and wait for a refund for the first payment. As if it was my fault and as if they are making me a favor(!!!). They can verify the payment from bank (!!!) but they don’t, I have the bank statement and I can send it to you if you have lost it as well.

I wish someone who feels responsible about the company, products and services reads this message and helps me resolve this issue. I am a little bit frustrated when thinking about how a simple certificate generation issue is wasting a lot of time.

PS: I am seeking guidance and help here, not trying to bad mouth company or products. If I did -guess I did- because I feel angry with automated support replies.

We experienced a database outage last week as you are aware and we are still in the process of reconstructing the data. The data records were not “lost,” but we are having to reconstruct some of the information which takes some time. Please place your order again and stop when you get to the payment page, however, do NOT make a payment for this order. Record the order number embedded in the URL. Please email us at with both the previous and corresponding new order number. We will apply the original payment to your new order so that you will not be charged twice nor have to wait for the refund of the first payment. We apologize for the inconvenience and the misunderstanding regarding providing you with the correct process to follow.

Comodo resolved my case. I don’t know if Nicole did speed things up, but I was able to use my new certificate on the latest time I needed it.

Anyways, there is still hope, thanks for your help.