grc's leaktest

this is probably not a bug, but perhaps some text in the install would be helpful?

this has been happening in previous versions, but I only just joined the forums today to report this.
hope this helps future versions, I really like comodo’s small memory footprint <10MB
compared with ZA = 23MB,
Online Armor = 16MB,
PC Tools.


  1. install comodo firewall pro -
    option selected.
    this installs defense+

  2. run grc’s leaktest

leaktest fails.

  1. install comodo firewall pro -
    option selected.
    NOT selected.
    this disables defense+

grc’s leaktest OK.

For GRC ShieldsUp to work there has to be… a leak i.e. an open port to communicate. After it’s done and tested all the other risque ports, switch on the LP again. Thanks for letting us know. Did not even know there was such an option.