Grandma Help


I have a grandma who loves to download any game from anywhere, i keep telling her be careful, and yet she kept downloading, couple times we got viruses, (I’m 16) and She Keep on yelling at me because she thinks I’m Getting them which I get rid of them every time She gets them, We Only have CA Anti-virus and Windows Firewall, and that’s it, Is there any possible way for me not to download any application thats invisble (so she doesnt know) That fights These Downloaded Games(virus)
This is a Office Computer, and she and my grandpa, Works here (Self storage Company) I’m Asking thier Boss if I could Protect this computer because I already seen few things (Credit Numbers Missing/Modified) I do have a custom Program that I built to write all the changes that has been done to the Programs that we have here like digiwin, Icverify and other things like that, Any clue??


Is the pc windows XP? If so I would install Comodo Firewall 2.4. This should help once configured correctly:

Anothet thing to install would be BOClean, this is a great program that can stop many trojans in their tracks and works quietly in the background. You can even hide the tray icon I think.

CAVS has a good HIPS feature but is still a beta product so mayber you should stick with CA until CAVS 3 is ready.

Might be worth installing Spybot S & D and using the Internet explorer bad download blocker (SD Helper). You can also ‘Immunize’ the system - this can block access to certain known bad websites. These spybot changes would be invisible to a user.


thanks’ but Without comodo where would we be??

i can’t help you with this, but your grandma is the coolest. :BNC