CMS has sms commands so no need of GPRS activated to send the command & receive info, right?

Does taking picture needs GPRS?

CMS doesn’t have web console. Does web console needs GPRS activated on the mobile? Or WiFi will also do?

CMS will automatically enable the 3g to email the picture. You don’t need to have anything extra enabled beforehand and it doesn’t require gprs apart from remote locate but it’ll enable that automatically.


You have mentioned that CMS will automatically enable GPRS.

GPRS & GPS is the same thing?

Avast Mobile Security Guide mentions -----

“On-Demand” GPS updates will always work if Anti-Theft was
installed rooted, there are some restrictions on non-rooted phones. On non-rooted phones
the auto-enabling only works from Android 1.6 up to Android 2.2. For Android 2.3 and later,
it is not possible to auto-enable GPS and therefore it is not possible to use the SMS
Command to obtain GPS Updates

I beg to differ, Naren.
GPS can and is auto enabled via remote security protocols.
Samsung Dive, Avast, CMS, and PhoneLocator Pro are but 4 examples that prove you wrong.

I am not saying GPS cannot be autoenabled with remote security. Avast Mobile Security Guide mentions that.

I tested locate feature & got a sms cannot locate now, any info?

Some phones, mine as an example, requires either Data or Wifi on (connection required) before GPS will send out the location.
Some also require Data or Wifi on before it will lock in to the current location just for personal use (ie getting directions).
This is not a failing of CMS, but a quirk of the phone.

OK, got it.