Got more testing done


My grandparents were having issues with their computer tonight, so I had them install a UA server under my account and I accessed their computer through it. I got more beta testing done through this, and was able to solve their issue :smiley: (a win win scenario!). Overall we had no issues except server speed, but for an alpha product, it worked great!!!

Great news!

So the only issue you faced was speed? nothing else?


That is correct, I was on the phone with my grandparents while I was doing what needed to be done, at certain times I would let them control the computer (so they are learning while I am helping) and I noticed that once my grandma said she had opened the picture (she didn’t know how to send pictures through e-mail) I did not see it on my screen. I don’t think it was my connection (T1…) and I do not think it was their’s (Verizon Fios), so the only conclusion I could come up with during this was that the servers were not fast enough. Other than the speed, everything was fine, as it is an alpha product I was very impressed.


Hey Melih,

Very, very stable so far
File transfers work nicely
Speed is OK, particularly considering its an alpha
Noticeable fringing on colours, particularly on gradients (Remote system is 16 bit display, appears to be reduced to 256 (8 bit))
Graphic based apps running on the remote system have V. noticeable screen lag.

Why do I need to download the viewer each time I connect to a server?

Will remote printing would be added in the future?

Any possibility of adding speech - talking to remote only, not two way conversation? I just thought this might make it more attractive as a support option.

Coming along very nicely!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey Melih,

Couple of small points;

I think the “Disconnect” should be moved to the extreme right hand end of the row of icons, just to remove the possibility of it being selected accidentally. I think it’s more logical to have the EXIT button at the end of the tool icons, anyway.

It took me a few minutes to work out that if you click the “ALT” button, it doesn’t just make it active for the next keypress, it acts as if I was holding the ALT key down. ALT-mouse clicks can give you some unexpected results. LOL. Maybe the icon needs a bit more detail to make it more apparent that it is not just pressed but pressed and held.

Also, you know and I know that CTRL-ESC bring up the START menu, but would it be better for average users if that button was actually labelled “Start menu” or similar?

Other than that, still going fine, although I have found that the server component tends to disconnect on my work PC if the Novell LOCK WORKSTATION is invoked. Not all the time, just when I really need it not to happen. LOL. This has only happened on PCs running the Novell LAN client software.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The file sending at me is slow (not quite but it can be faster).

Those buttons should blink sometimes if active :D!

I guess it’d be wise to name Ctrl+Esc to START. I wonder if they should create a drop-down menu with a “Send…” text ~ then we can choose Ctrl+Shift+Esc, etc.

As i see the server needs a stay alive switch, so fe. my notebook wouldn’t drop the connection in case of emergency.

For the remote printing, i’d suggest to print to file then use file manager. How about it?

The client part crashes if i click on the close button.

  1. i’m connecting
  2. established
  3. i close the connection by close viewer
  4. crash (the file caused an error, etc.)
    You can test it.

    Today i’ve tried to connect from an ISDN (windows showed 37kbps) line to an ADSL connection, they were around 106 miles from each others. It was a bit slow (3 minutes or so) until i have received the screen but after that, it was fine. I only checked e-mails and found no problems.

Do you consider to remove this product? Sometimes i really don’t understand why developers can’t write a word to clear these situations. Most of the times i really feel my work so useless if there’s no feedback for my reports. Talking with myself, thx, i’m feeling fine. Any me? :THNK

I used to write about Comodo solutions on one of my home page dedicated to you guys (, but you make it a bit difficult to follow what you are doing exactly. Sometimes there are no answers, sometimes it seems you come up with an idea, just to try it, then there’s no feedback.

When I connect to a remote server, it remove the wallpaper to increase speed, but it doesn’t restore it when the session ends. Not a biggie, but people will notice that.

Ewen :slight_smile: