is there a set of rules I can set googleupdate.exe to so it stops bugging me with alerts? Is a good idea to set it as a trusted app or web browser?

The predefined trusted application rule is too permissive for google update as it allowed not only outbound connections but inboud connections as well.

A rule for google update allowing IP out from MAC any to MAC any where protocol is TCP or UDP should be enough.

cheers boris3.

I set it as you advised,

Allow IP Out From Mac Any To Mac Any Where Protocol Is TCP
Allow IP Out From Mac Any To Mac Any Where Protocol Is UDP

One more question regarding nod32 anti virus. I have ekrn.exe as trusted app. It seems to filter all my traffic so I thought I might as well have it as trusted. Is that ok?

I don’t use Nod32, but if ekrn.exe is a web shield acting like a proxy, you could give it the same rule than for your browser which in most cases is the predefined policy “web browser”.

Apologies for the late reply, thanks for replying bud.

yeah Nod32 filters all my traffic, in active connections within Comodo most of my traffic is listed under ekrn.exe alongside the browser I’m using but everything seems to be going through Nod32 and Comodo. I’ve set ekrn.exe to web browser policy as advised by you, cheers.