Google Public DNS released

New stuff from google that may or may not observe or record user interaction:

Google Public DNS

By using Google Public DNS you can:

* Speed up your browsing experience.
* Improve your security.
* Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.

So who’s going to use it ?

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Not me!!!

Probably this guy:

Maybe if she does!

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Is that comment really necessary… C’mon, If someone made the OP about comodo DNS being spyware it would be dealt with pretty quick 88)

Flame Bait ;D

And I’m with Stuart. :-TU

Lovely girl!

Would : a new service from google with which they log and safe your keystrokes, websites you visite, even passwords and loginnames, and possibly even your creditcard information ?
scrap that, possibly I overreacted a bit…


There are rumors that Google logs and stores search queries, confronting IPs with search keywords.
[that is why some use h-t-t-p-s:\ most of the time].

If so, do not see reason why Google would not log and store DNS queries with this new service.

You make the rumors starting with ‘there are rumors’.
Google’s log is not the rumor, it’s true.
If you like UFO stuffs or conspiracy theories, how about reserve your space shuttle? :wink:
People need to read some manuals and FAQ before they use something.

This FAQ has been in there long long long time ago. I don’t like it though.

DNS privacy.

Do you think only Google does it?

I really can’t believe the OP has been left un-modified defining Google DNS as spyware…A thread calling comodo dns spyware wouldn’t last a second and altered…

It really is flame bait. As you can see the discussion has already started with SS26 and Creasy (No offence guys :-* )

If it’s a really necessary discussion then how about two threads " Google Dns released " and “Google Dns privacy issues ?”

Google-lover. 88)

I do think calling it spyware outright is a bit harsh, but I thought Google did collect user info (and more than other companies)?

I couldn’t care less if it was yahoo or bing. It’s just not right :-\

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

google dns is good i m using it now.

I didn’t understand that guy happy face until

It looks like the new dns pubic public IP is easy to remember ( and sure could at least come in handy while troubleshooting some Internet issues.

Ars technica published an article Google Public DNS service not ideal for everyone that mentioned some issues though when I tested that DNS worked fine.

Nameserver Response Time (ms)
min/avg/max/stdev/retries failed 49.00/50.40/51.00/0.80/0 failed 50.00/50.60/51.00/0.49/0 48.00/50.20/55.00/2.64/0 50.00/51.00/52.00/0.63/0 33.00/35.40/39.00/1.96/0 33.00/34.40/35.00/0.80/0

[url=]How do I test DNS lookup latency with ns_bench?[/url]

Google DNS :smiley: . No way . I’m sticking to comodo secure dns. 8)

think about the possibilities this is giving google to distillate a lot of usable data out of the traffic the users of this new service would be generating… hmmmm… NOT ME! (:WIN)

I may would use this new service if they would provide similar condition’s to Scroogle’s (link) : delete logs (DNS queries binded to IP) withing 48 hours period :-X

Right, wrong wording of me :-\ I meant to say “i don’t have confirmation facts yet and do not bother to look for them NOW”.

Tried it for a while (I have 4 connection: Comodo DNS, OpenDNS, Google DNS and Treewalk!) and it seemed to be OK and fast.
Now running on TreeWalk configured to use OpenDNS; also ran TreeWalk through Google DNS. Both seem very agile.

Google already gathers masses of information so a bit more…?

I saw a performance test between google dns and OpenDns and the results were very similar.