Google Nexus SmartPhones

Can anyone give the info if & when Nexus 4 will be officially available in India?

Whats the price of Nexus 4 8Gb & 16GB in United States in GooglePlay?

Nexus 4 bought through GooglePlay have stock Android & bought through other stores have LG flavour of Android, right?

Does Google Nexus phones have preference over other Android based phones in terms of updates/upgrades i.e they receive updates/upgrades first?

Does all Nexus phones gets updates/upgrades?

Will Nexus phones always get future updates/upgrades? If I get Nexus 4, will it be upgraded to supposed upcoming Android 5 Key Lime Pie & future upgrades?

Anyone got Nexus 4 White? Which looks good, black or white?

In India, Nexus 4 is expensive, its 26000 INR 16 GB (USA 350 $ i.e app. 19000 INR) & 8 GB 22000 INR (USA - 300 $ i.e app. 16000 INR)

May be expensive coz LG is selling Nexus 4 in India & not Google through GooglePlay.

Any info if & when Nexus 4 will be available through GooglePlay in India?