Google Chrome will no longer allow extensions outside Web Store

So I just decided to try out Google Chrome Beta, and suddenly several of my extensions were disabled without any possibility of re-enabling them again. Following links took me to Extensions disabled by Chrome - Chrome Web Store Help and also Google Product Forums

Extensions are a great way to enhance the browsing experience; whether you want to quickly post to social networks or to stay up to date with your favorite sports teams. Some extensions come bundled with others, which causes Chrome to ask whether you want to install them (or not). However, bad actors have abused this mechanism, bypassing the prompt to silently install malicious extensions that can override browser settings and alter the user experience in undesired ways. In fact, this is a leading cause of complaints from our users and a common topic here in the forum.

Since these malicious extensions are not hosted on the Chrome Web Store, it’s difficult to limit the damage they can cause. This is why we announced in November that as part of our continuing security efforts, all extensions for Windows users must be hosted in the Chrome Web Store. A couple of FAQs:

What will happen to my non-web store extensions?
With this change, these extensions will be automatically disabled in your extension list, and can be completely removed by visiting your extensions list (you can access this by typing chrome://extensions in your omnibox).

What if I think an extension was disabled incorrectly?
If you feel an extension was incorrectly disabled, start first by checking if it can be enabled in your extension list and the Chrome Store. If not, please let us know below. You should also contact the extension manager so they are aware.

What if I want to run non-web store extensions?
Advanced users can continue to use our Dev & Canary channels to run any extension. Please note that these channels are updated very regularly, and may contain features and bug fixes that are actively being developed.

I’m an extension developer, what do I do?
If your extensions are currently hosted outside the Chrome Web Store you should migrate them as soon as possible. You can learn more from our Developers FAQ.

When will this happen?
We are currently working to ensure that developers are aware of this change, and will do a slow rollout. The start of the rollout will be announced here once we have a specific date.

Got questions? Please let us know them below. To keep up with the technical updates to Chrome, please read the Chromium Blog.


We have extended the deadline for this until late May 2014, after the release of Chrome version 35. We will update here as that date approaches. To learn more, please visit the Chromium Blog announcement. Please encourage your favorite app developers to add their apps to the store asap.

So essentially, after may 2014 for stable channel, and currently for beta channel, Chrome will no longer support extensions not on the Chrome web store, this means extensions like PrivDog will be impossible to use unless you use the Dev/Canary channels. So it seems google is going walled garden with their extensions.

Personally I hate this, because it means I can no longer use PrivDog and Youtube Centered. So it seems like I’ll have to go back to Comodo Dragon now that Google Chrome is being ruined, shame.

What do you think about this move?

Too bad. I guess I will have to take another look at Firefox. Hopefully Comodo will get PrivDog in the Chrome web store.

Yup, although I don’t give much care about PrivDog to be honest, I use it as a pure adblock, for which there are other extensions, my issues is with Youtube Center, which is in my opinion a necessity to watch Youtube, it’s not available on the web store. :-\

I decided it best to hold my tongue to avoid the risk of being banned. :wink:
Voted. :-TD

I could also think of a few reasons why they have done this ;D

The main one money :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, when I updated to the Beta channel and realized what was going on, a loud and long “WTF” left me, I think my neighbors must have heard it.

Right now I’m just waiting for Comodo Dragon to update to a new version of Chromium because the current version it uses is locked to 60 FPS on my system (I have a 120Hz Monitor) Until then I’ve reverted back to a stable release of Chrome that doesn’t have this BS and I’ve added GoogleUpdater to blocked files. 88)

Google claims this is to stop malicious extensions, sure I can understand that and I’ve seen several people that have issues with malicious extensions, but this is simply not the way, the only way to use Google Chrome in the future with extensions outside of the Web Store is to run the Dev or Canary versions, I don’t know about Dev but Canary has always been too unstable for me to use, so Google basically says “If you want to use these extensions then either tough luck or go use these unstable channels”

I believe Chrome is currently heading the wrong way where it nannies the user and holds the users hand even if the user doesn’t want it, it’s sad. :-\

Also, what stops Google from abusing this after the rollout? Removing all ad-blockers etc? Google does make money on ads… Hopefully that won’t happen, but we shouldn’t allow them to assume that position in the first place, but then again, nothing we can do about it.

I just found out this is still possible through Developer mode.
Extract the PrivDog folder from the zipped folder attached.
Using Developer mode select ‘load unpacked extension’, then navigate to the previously extracted folder containing the extensions manifest.json file and OK.
Tip: Save a copy elsewhere of your required extensions, before updating Chrome and you should be able to install them afterwards using the developer mode.

Please note: I have not tried or tested this with the latest Chrome, but I am presuming it will work.
Edit: I have just installed PrivDog using my method above into Chrome Portable V34.0.1847.116 and it installed active and functioning. :-TU

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this works for me om Chrome 35.0.1916.153 m


It’s not something new. I remember that Google did ban Adblock on Play Store. :slight_smile:

Sanya IV Litvyak

You can try this, but I wont promise anything and wont promise if it causes any types of errors
for youtube center. Try on a virtual machine or something
I just tried this on a portable version of chrome v35. it was a stable one. I got it to install but didnt try to use it

Use the i made available. drag this .crx file to desktop
go to the screen with the extensions - chrome://extensions/
drag .crx file to the chrome extension screen

hopefully this one would work for you

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Actually I’m back to Dragon… ^-^‘’