Google Chrome Updater!


First off, Currently iam on Comodo Firewall (only) rev. .

And iam using Google Chrome atm.
Now, the biggest issue i’ve got is, with each google/chrome update… i get the nagging popup screen with the question to allow the .exe “updater” !!!

The problem is now, comodo doesn’t remember/keep my choice since it threats every chrome updates as a new app/*.exe every time !!

I guess , the only way to exclude google/updates from nagging every time, is to add the updater folder to firewall exclussions. just like you would add an entire folder to hips AV exclusion list ?

So, is that even possible…? If not, what’s the alternative… Also, i want to keep comodo firewall running with the custom rule preset, wich is most probebly the reason why i got that nagging screen all the time :face_with_diagonal_mouth: