Google Chrome not detected accessing Internet and but blocked access to its settings folder

I just installed for the first time on my [current] system latest version of Google Chrome [using an offline setup downloaded from [Google Chrome - The Fast & Secure Web Browser Built to be Yours]

But to my surprise COMODO have not asked me if I allow it to access Internet when I opened it, nor any other question when I was using it like when saving a webpage to a volume

And what is even weirder is that when I started deleting its settings from

C:\Users\Your-User-name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

in my file-manager FreeCommander, I was prompted towards the end by COMODO if I allow FreeCommander to change settings of Chrome- that is right: change settings of a specific browser and not just vaguely described allow accessing of some item by FC. And later when I was coping back those very settings to this location from a backup folder [as I was further performing tests] COMODO right away at the start warned me alike about TeraCopy trying to change settings of Chrome. And in both cases there was no option for remembering of my choice

So I went to

COMODO > Settings > HIPS > HIPS Rules

and filtered the list by looking for chrome and google but nothing was shown to me

Something like this has never happened despite me using COMODO for over 3 years now

To sum up / in other words Google Chrome:
● was automatically granted by COMODO access to apparently everything
● imposes limits on accessing its resources on system volume by third party programs
● has special kind of pop-up warnings
● is not listed in HIPS

Used versions:
● COMODO Internet Security Premium
● FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 900 64-bit Portable
● Google Chrome 121.0.6167.140 x64
● TeraCopy 3.12.0
● Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 x64 [10.0.19042]

Can you confirm what configuration your using and what mode HIPS is in?

Have you whitelisted FreeCommander and TeraCopy in the File Ratings and HIPS Settings?

Which OS version are you using?

What about my configuration?

HIPS is in Safe Mode, I never whitelisted anything, this is the first time such thing is happening and those messages have somewhat different form than those blocking every other new attempted access

Versions of programs I already reported with details

If anything was blocked it would show up in the logs.

Remember to change the Filter so you can view beyond the current day as below:

This is how the deletion of Chrome settings is interrupted:

And this how it looks when I restore it from a copy:

[I had to split this into a second post as the forum would not allow me to post two embedded images in one]

Entries about those events are shown under

Logs > Alerts

My question is: why is this happening only for Chrome? And why not is there an option to remember my choice?

That’s a good question and one I don’t have an answer to myself.
If it’s quite the nuisance, you can turn off that feature under the miscellaneous protection options.