Google chrome [merged thread]

Somebody of you who installed it, please try acid3 - Acid3 Browser Test - The Web Standards Project and post screenie here…
Test -
Reference - The Acid3 Test (Reference Rendering)

It’s only a first beta & a brand new product.

Yes, The Memory consumption is high & I miss Toolbars. However it’s the fastest browser I have seen! & Sandboxing looks interesting. I am watching future developments.


Did you even read how chrome works?
Its multi-processed and each process is multi-threaded, unlike all other browsers which are single threaded.

Each one of those chrome.exe’s is a different tab or plugin, each .exe represents a different sandbox

The memory consumption is only higher initially, in the long run its lower than any other browser.

I have to say that the GUI looks very much like my Opera customized GUI, except that I re-arranged the tab bar to be below the other bar. The menu button on the right side - isn’t that a Google feature as well? And I’ve got very few buttons, just like Google. Maybe they saw my browser? After all, I use Gmail. :smiley:


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The EULA is dangerously unreasonable and there’s the same vulnerability as Safari.

Google Updater is feeding back info.; it runs as a Service and isn’t uninstalled when Chrome is removed.

No service left here ???



Google “TheWorld Browser”. Nice, lightweight tabbed, multi threaded, multi process browser.

Well worth a look.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I read today (Swedish article) that they’re changing the ugly EULA (remove th paragraph that says something like “Google OWNS you!!!”), and this will also apply to the version people have already installed.


Now all we need is a Google OS and we have another monopoly. (M$ rings a bell ? ;D)

I believe Google co-authored GOS - a lightwieght Linux variant for low powered 'pcs.

From what I heard it was an independent programmer that just used Google software and Google didn’t official have a hand in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Giving Chrome a run now that there’s a portable version:

First snag: can’t import Bookmarks from Opera, only IE!
IE has none and isn’t allowed out anyway.

Same as FF: can’t just click/scroll/whatever to navigate.

Good Videos. It’s now my new Permanent Browser.


I have spell check in my Chrome. :S I have been using Chrome since the first hour it was released. I read the comic and kept refreshing their site until it loaded. I know that’s pretty sad. :stuck_out_tongue: But I am hooked on it as well. It does as they claim – it’s really fast and stable. I like the minimal interface.

Years back before IE 7, I would try various browsers like Avant and MyIE2, now called Maxthon, and a few other IE clones to get the nice minimal tabbed interface. FireFox 1.5 was just so slow it wasn’t an option and back then, it didn’t have that good of a web page support. Some were just bloated and had lots of buttons and were really confusing. They had close all tab buttons and close all but this one, which were handy, but their symbols were confusing. Like the Chrome video showed, you can close a bunch of tabs really easily because the close button stays under your cursor. That was a very nice little small detail that shows that they put a lot of thought into the interface. I am really impressed by the small details. When a page does not work, I submit it to Google.

I think Chrome might seriously hurt all the small IE clones out there. Firefox will still be used by people and will be hard to bring them over to Chrome. Interface minimalist will definitely try Chrome. It may be easier to bring IE people over to Chrome after you show them the speed of it. FireFox people already know how fast 3 is and are use to all the great plug ins. IE people really don’t know about plug ins, so they will be easier to switch on that point as well.

The only thing I need to do is use Chrome with privoxy to remove the ■■■■ ads, and this makes Chrome even faster. :expressionless: Pages just load practically instantly since the browser doesn’t even see the URL for the ad place which is the slowest part of the whole page load process. If Google was evil, they would block out all ad places but Google ads. Google ads are actually fast compared to others. hehe.


EDIT: This is an example of a cluttered browser window: :expressionless: I am sticking with Chrome.

I have been searching the Google Chrome website and I found this:

Windows builds of the latest code. It’s updated several times a day, so if you notice a bug, you can try one of these. :smiley: Should be interesting to see what is going on with the development of Chrome.

Hope you find that interesting.


With all the browsing saving in history, and all these other features… I wonder how much temp files build up?

New version out v0.2.149.30 Beta:

Has anyone been able to find the changelogs? For an open source project, their changelogs are sure hard to find. :S

This is interesting:
I might need to do that. :smiley: All the links needed are on that page. :wink:

Also, this is a neat article:
The Easter Egg didn’t work for me though. :frowning:

Can’t find any change log…

Nice. :-TU


Here you go