Google chrome [merged thread]

What do you think of that ? ;D Could it be another member in “browser wars” ?

Hmm, they will never get to the power of Opera ;D. However I like the always sandboxing part…

We’ll see how this develops further


It seems they finally have some use of Greenborder (“web-sandbox”) acquisition…

So then they can spy on you even more. :THNK

Well this looks interesting!

The best Browser Engine in the world is creating their own Browser!


Default search engine will be ta-da yahoo 88)

P.S. today beta will be launched here: Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google
For now hits are redirected to

  1. I thought it would be Windows Live search


You mean ta-da Windows Live search… :smiley:

Shouldn’t they be using Comodo Safe Surf Toolbar…?

:stuck_out_tongue: Yeah they should, but as it gives Comodo money, I don’t think they will do that ;D


Hi guys!

In a couple of hours, Google’s new browser will be available for download.

How many of you will give it a try or will you stick around and wait for the rest to play with it first…?

Harry (:NRD)

Harry, I merged your post with this thread. Hope this is alright. (:m*)


No prob LA :wink:

I’ll try it out on my test laptop ;D I’m intrested.

Anyway to answer the question ;), I will try it …


Seem to be some good ideas in there; I hope that Opera is working on some similar lines.
I like the ‘sandbox’ approach - occasionally a site will crash Opera and so all tabs have gone. Restarting last session doesn’t log in to sites.

Chrome will have to be very good to lure me away from Opera. Not sure that I trust Google, but as the code is available any sneaky bits should be found.

I’m browsing now, using this app. Seems pretty fast, but I don’t like it somehow. Be back after some more tests :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny, Danasoft shows that I’m using Safari, when browsing with this thing ;D

Allright, the browser hides itself and it takes 65 MB :o Does Google Chrome uses Safari engine ???

It runs 3 processes ! :-\ They are not eating very much memory, but I don’t like it.

I can’t test it with Acid 3. The website doesn’t load. (But it’s not Chrome’s fault)
It also install Google Gears >:( And it doesn’t uninstall cleanly using Revo. Still 24 MB left :-TD (though a funny message appears when you uninstall :D)

To sum up: No go for me. I’m keeping Opera :-*

I am typing this from Chrome, and I must say that it is faster than FireFox 3 in some respects. I love the interface. The features are very nice indeed. I need to play around with the “sandbox” feature to see how robust it is.

One feature that I found nice was when you right-click on an element, you can inspect it. It gives you the code for that specific element and you can view all the CSS associated with it as well. The code view is very nicely laid out and gives you all the errors.

I already made this my default browser and I have been using it for only 2 hours. I kept refreshing the link and nabbed it the moment it came out. That’s sad.

I suggest trying it out and giving it a good work out in a VM to see how robust the sandbox feature is. Or a Sandboxie, but I have Vista x64, so I need a VM.

I am very happy with it so far. :slight_smile: My opinion.

EDIT: I need to figure out how to do ad blocking with it now. We need Ad block Plus for Chrome.

I have downloaded the new Google Chrome and I must say, I find the interface alot sharper than firefox. Can this just be my vision?? I am also wondering if they will install a better way to track cookies, as it appears that you can either allow or deny, but nothing in between like Firefox. Maybe its something I missed, but there does not seem to be any other adjustment.

Ha Ha, I was right that it’s build like Safari engine ;D,73097-order,3-page,1/description.html

Some screenshots here in case someone is intrested how it looks like :stuck_out_tongue: