Google Chrome crashing with BEX Error for Guard32.dll

Hi all,

The Chrome installed on my machine is crashing with BEX Error on startup and it points to guard32.all as the fault module.
This is happening post update of my CIS premium today (08/08/2015).
My current Product Version is
Is anybody experiencing the same issue?
Does anybody know how to fix this?



Try adding Chrome to the Exclusions of Detect Shellcode Injections. Does that make a difference?

Just wanted to chime in that this worked for me. I started having this issue this morning and I noticed that when I uninstalled Comodo, it fixed it. I reinstalled and the issue recurred. Apparently, even if you have Hips disabled, it’s necessary to go to the Exclusions of Detect Shellcode Injections and exempt Chrome from it. After doing that Chromes working again crosses fingers.

I wonder why this is happening all of a sudden? Chrome and Comodo always played nice together…until now.

What to add in exclusion?
Should I add chrome.exe (program files 86) in exclusion?

How the exclusion affects CIS protection for Chrome? Just shellcode injections will not be detected or more security is reduced?

Those fixes don’t work for me. Google Chrome will not load and exhibits the same error as mentioned above. I used to use ZoneAlarm and had to ditch it, because this kind of thing kept happening. I can’t have my access shut off like this. Hopefully, there will be an actual fix, or I will have to uninstall Comodo and use something else.

Add the exclusion when chrome is not running, it will work after you add the exclusion and detect shellcode injections must be enabled for the exclusions to take affect.

I have the same problem with chrome crashing on startup (Win7 64bit), i tried the above method of adding an exclusion in HIPS but i had HIPS disabled, i enabled and tried anyways but no good. So i added chrome.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application) to exclusion in AntiVirus and it worked straight away.

I only registered here today to post the fix that worked for me so i hope it works for you too as its been a problem for me for this last 3 days.

Was Chrome running when you added it to the Exclusions of Detect shellcode injections? You may need to restart Chrome for that to become active.

No i closed Chrome and ended any processes in Task Manager then i added it to exclusions in the Anitvirus section

Hi m4rt3z ,
Note: It is not the Antivirus exclusions list, see the quote below.
Be sure to enable ‘detect shellcode injections’ found under Defense+ for the exclusions to take affect.

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Comodo Firewall kills my Google Chrome!

Comodo Firewall killed all my opened web tabs.

Please look at the post right before yours where a workaround is presented. Comodo will release an update today that will fix this issue.

Comodo Internet Security V8.2.0.4703 (Chrome Hotfix) is released!

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