Google chrome and secure shoping

Hello everyone i have comodo secure shoping instaled in my pc , and i have 3 browsers comodo dragon, google chrome ,internet explorer these 3 apear inside comodo secure shoping , what is hapening now is that chrome wont open inside secure shoping , a message pops up saying “failed to validate browser” , comodo dragon and internet explorer open just fine , my default browser is comodo dragon , does someone knows how to fix this ? thank you!.

Hello again i have seen that nobody seems to reply to this issue, don`t know if someone has the same problem , never the less i have made a test with comodo secure shoping in a new windows 10 inside virtual box , clean install i instaled CIS , with secure shoping , and i had the same result has in my own pc , secure shoping wont even open , with google chrome latest version has my default browser , same problem " failed to validate browser" pop up message i think there must be a conflict of some kind between the too programs , anyway i just wanted to mention yhis , maybe is a good idea for the comodo team to investigate this thank you all !

It may be related to a problem where CIS prompts for Chrome each time it writes to its settings file. THe problem is with CIS not having the new signature of Google:

The RC might solve this problem. Is any of you willing to give the new RC a try?

The version that i used is the new one Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6778 - RC so this problem is there also !

Could you report it in the release topic of the RC?

mailmen, thank you for the report. Dev team is working on this issue.

I have the same issue that started happening today! I use a stand-alone Comodo Secure Shopping with Google Chrome and everything worked fine for a long time until today. Now it won’t even start up due to this error. I tried downloading new comodo shopping but it still has same issue.

When the fix is released, could you make sure to release it for stand-alone product as well please? Is there any time estimates for when this will be fixed?